Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Packaging Design

Design work by: Cryinda Lewandowski
Southern University of New Hampshire

Winter 2013 Class: 
Graphic Design and Layout 


Design Usage:
The design will be used to describe blueberry mint soda.

Design Restriction:
Design size is restricted to a 4 compartment drink carrier with the following dimensions:
W:  5 ¼ “ x H: 4 ¾”

The handle will allow for a 4 design but must make accommodations for a push out carrying hole.

The targeted audience will be for females age ranging from 18 – 50.  Active females and health conscious individuals who desire a beverage that fulfills thirst needs.

Numerous competition exists in the soda market, especially fruit flavors.

Audience Knowledge:
This is a new product and consumers have no knowledge of it’s existence.

Goal of Image:
Use of design to send message that the soda is effective in quenching thirst.

How will design communicate goal of image:
Use of brand name and design should imply effectiveness of product to quench thirst in a natural way with natural ingredients.

Information to be included: 
Product name, logo, ingredients, nutritional information

Bright, clean, crisp with a intelligent design

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