Saturday, April 25, 2015

Artist John Paul Soto -

I had the pleasure of teaching this amazing student, John Paul Soto, who has now gone on to do such amazing pieces. It is the reason why I teach. I see my students grow into design masters, showcasing their hard work and making a profound effect on the world. 

Design Your Style

Last semester I had a great student, Chris Sjafiroeddin, who created this great design using photoshop and photography. He created what his design and personality style is in a visual context. This is just some of the great work my students create! Thanks for sharing Chis!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Packaging Design

Design work by: Cryinda Lewandowski
Southern University of New Hampshire

Winter 2013 Class: 
Graphic Design and Layout 


Design Usage:
The design will be used to describe blueberry mint soda.

Design Restriction:
Design size is restricted to a 4 compartment drink carrier with the following dimensions:
W:  5 ¼ “ x H: 4 ¾”

The handle will allow for a 4 design but must make accommodations for a push out carrying hole.

The targeted audience will be for females age ranging from 18 – 50.  Active females and health conscious individuals who desire a beverage that fulfills thirst needs.

Numerous competition exists in the soda market, especially fruit flavors.

Audience Knowledge:
This is a new product and consumers have no knowledge of it’s existence.

Goal of Image:
Use of design to send message that the soda is effective in quenching thirst.

How will design communicate goal of image:
Use of brand name and design should imply effectiveness of product to quench thirst in a natural way with natural ingredients.

Information to be included: 
Product name, logo, ingredients, nutritional information

Bright, clean, crisp with a intelligent design

Coffee Buzz Logo

Design work by:
Marcie Christopher
Southern University of New Hampshire
Winter 2013 Class: 
Graphic Design and Layout 

Monday, December 16, 2013

Coffee Buzz Logo Design

Design work by:
Marybeth Murdock
Southern University of New Hampshire
Winter 2013 Class:
Graphic Design and Layout 

"I like the idea of keeping a logo simple. They seem to stick in your mind longer. Look at the Nike swoosh, everyone recognizes the swoosh and you couldn't ask for a simpler." Marybeth Murdock

For my Graphic Design and Layout class at Southern University of New Hampshire, students had to create a logo package based, all while learning Adobe Illustrator, based on this small (made-up) brief:

Client Name: Coffee Buzz. Selling coffee, simple lunches and breakfasts only
Location: New York City
Look and Feel: Quaint, vintage and classical
Decor: Couches/music/listening stations to listen and share music. IPads at each table for customers
Selling point: It sells books and music
Audience: Young college students
Competition: Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts (mainly for their prices)

Friday, March 8, 2013

InDesign 1 Spring 2013 CLASS DESIGNS!

InDesign 1 Student work called: Flowers
By: Martha DeFrancisco, NYU

Amazing work Martha!!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Color Systems Students Final Project for Spring 2013:

Color systems final project was to showcase color systems, i.e. color harmony, and how they can work together or how they are found in everyday objects. They must showcase these findings in a fun and creative way. Here are a few projects by outstanding New York University Students!

By Marcia Resnick
By Marcia Resnick

By Teale Failla

By Teale Failla

By Elizabeth Soper

By Elizabeth Soper