Friday, April 21, 2017

Resting in the River Natural Products’ preparations vibrate with life force and health-enriching properties. All of Resting in the River’s products are made from herbs and flowers grown organically in New Mexico. 

I created the updated Resting in the River Brand Identity which was then placed on products sold directly on the website. For more information please visit:

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Artist John Paul Soto -

I had the pleasure of teaching this amazing student, John Paul Soto, who has now gone on to do such amazing pieces. It is the reason why I teach. I see my students grow into design masters, showcasing their hard work and making a profound effect on the world. 

Design Your Style

Last semester I had a great student, Chris Sjafiroeddin, who created this great design using photoshop and photography. He created what his design and personality style is in a visual context. This is just some of the great work my students create! Thanks for sharing Chis!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Packaging Design

Design work by: Cryinda Lewandowski
Southern University of New Hampshire

Winter 2013 Class: 
Graphic Design and Layout 


Design Usage:
The design will be used to describe blueberry mint soda.

Design Restriction:
Design size is restricted to a 4 compartment drink carrier with the following dimensions:
W:  5 ¼ “ x H: 4 ¾”

The handle will allow for a 4 design but must make accommodations for a push out carrying hole.

The targeted audience will be for females age ranging from 18 – 50.  Active females and health conscious individuals who desire a beverage that fulfills thirst needs.

Numerous competition exists in the soda market, especially fruit flavors.

Audience Knowledge:
This is a new product and consumers have no knowledge of it’s existence.

Goal of Image:
Use of design to send message that the soda is effective in quenching thirst.

How will design communicate goal of image:
Use of brand name and design should imply effectiveness of product to quench thirst in a natural way with natural ingredients.

Information to be included: 
Product name, logo, ingredients, nutritional information

Bright, clean, crisp with a intelligent design

Coffee Buzz Logo

Design work by:
Marcie Christopher
Southern University of New Hampshire
Winter 2013 Class: 
Graphic Design and Layout 

Monday, December 16, 2013

Coffee Buzz Logo Design

Design work by:
Marybeth Murdock
Southern University of New Hampshire
Winter 2013 Class:
Graphic Design and Layout 

"I like the idea of keeping a logo simple. They seem to stick in your mind longer. Look at the Nike swoosh, everyone recognizes the swoosh and you couldn't ask for a simpler." Marybeth Murdock

For my Graphic Design and Layout class at Southern University of New Hampshire, students had to create a logo package based, all while learning Adobe Illustrator, based on this small (made-up) brief:

Client Name: Coffee Buzz. Selling coffee, simple lunches and breakfasts only
Location: New York City
Look and Feel: Quaint, vintage and classical
Decor: Couches/music/listening stations to listen and share music. IPads at each table for customers
Selling point: It sells books and music
Audience: Young college students
Competition: Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts (mainly for their prices)

Friday, March 8, 2013

InDesign 1 Spring 2013 CLASS DESIGNS!

InDesign 1 Student work called: Flowers
By: Martha DeFrancisco, NYU

Amazing work Martha!!